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Andrew Robertson Artist - Artist Statement

It showcases some of my all-time favorite pictures that create meaningful experience and inspirations for viewers.

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Here are  a list of my artist  statements.

1] Floating in the Air

This photo show a young deaf male dancer floating in the air with grace and skills and makes a perfect landing.

2] Raising both fists high up in the air 

From Left to right: Board Member Lindsay Dunn, NBDA Vice President Opeoluwa Sotonwa, LL.M. and NBDA President Patrick Robinson, M.Ed.  

NBDA Vice President Opeoluwa Sotonwa held his head lower while raising both of his fists high up in the air. Both of his fists represent control and leadership. I took shots that caught inspiration and energy from Opeoluwa's presence. It is his ability to lead/ control the flow of meeting when it becomes heated discussion over the issues.

3] Triumphing over the Prince of earth

This powerful image show a female dancer earning a magnificent triumphing over The prince of earth. Followers and Satan can no longer control of humanity. They stand fearlessly behind the hold body of female dancer and other rejoiced group with grace. 

4] Jumping over a chair

A successive image is captured of a female dancer holding her body up with one hand on a chair and one leg in full extension while another dancer jump over her. Having a sharp eye to capture flexibility dancer moves are the key to taking an eye catching photo.

5] A strange angel appears to be flying in the air

No trick photography and special effects with Photoshop

Floating in the mid-air. AF Dance Theater's ballet dancer's limb stretches out during a performance of River in the Elstad Auditorium at Gallaudet University. A ballot dancer look like he is almost ready to take to the sky.

This photo inspires me awe. It is a desire to describe what I feel and what I think about this unique photo. This photo is to show you that the visitation appearance of heavenly angel appear to you in a dream by night. You dream and behold a strange angel ascending from the heaven. A strange angel joyfully makes a dramatic acrobatic move and leaps in the beautiful mid-air . The appearance of angel is bright like a burning charcoal of fire. The Angel gives a comfort to the Suffering of woman as he makes the darkness light.

6] Two human eyes on background

This Artwork is titled “ Two humans eye on background”. Two human eyes on background employ a photographer’s eye for capturing dancer’s energy and artistry. A singer in the middle reaches out for a small red ball shaped like a human eye. A singer adjusts it like a camera Len to focus on dance movement. You can notice the live concert is a little dark. It represents lighting. It tests a photographer’s ability to achieve The Impossible and capture dance movement in low light situation/ under changing light. A photographer has a good instinct to capture for what performers and deaf beautiful singers in Gallaudet Dreams want to see and capture the most expressive movements.

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