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In this page, I am aware that National Black Deaf Advocates has strong leadership and organizational growth. I can help promote increase awareness and public relations through my art of work. As a qualified  photographer, I am able to create photos that capture amazing moments when I am brought in to do event photography at NBDA's upcoming events. I am passionate about capturing the unique and candid moments. My desire is to capture the essence of subjects with natural light and fresh approach that you, Local Black Deaf chapters, friends and family can share.  Many thanks to NBDA board members, they put their full faiths in me by capturing beauty moments. It would allow me learn the importance of Deaf Black leadership, Advocacy  and educational events.  I strive to provide NBDA with an unique photography experience that is true to my style and images that capture cultural experiences, natural personalities and memorable moments. 

I capture the lifetime memories of this once -in-lifetime magical NBDA event. 

Enjoy breathtaking photographs of NBDA events in this page. 

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Black Deaf History: Black Deaf Culture through the lens of Black Deaf History

Posted by ADM on Sun, 28 June 2015

I am pleased, humbled and honored to accept this selection and to join with 28 contemporary Black Deaf artists in the arts and entertainment.The E-Publication is authored by Benro Oguypine who was former 2011- 2013  NBDA president 

Read "Black Deaf People in Art & Entertainment" and "In honor of Black History Month with 28 days in February, NBDA will highlight 28 contemporary Black Deaf artists in the arts and entertainment."

See images of the 2011 DCABDA Gala Banquet Individual Portraits below:


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