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The old pictures which can't be replaceable can be restored by Adobe Photoshop.

Ancestors of the Eugene, Johnson and Robertson family

It is a blessing. My Ancestors were able to find jobs and afford the camera during the racial segregation. They enjoyed capturing Black and White Memorable images. Some of the thing they enjoyed doing were Southern family reunion picnic, portraits, family life, Southern church, street life, social with family members, friends, and neighbors in the living room.  Families members had grown old and passed away before I was born. The old pictures have had passed on to my mother Delores. Delores who has a passion for photographing stored  old pictures and photo albums in the storage for many years. In fact, the old pictures are over 50 years old. They are badly damaged, torn up, scratched and discolored. Thank to Abode Photoshop, photography technology is advancing.  It makes it possible to restore damaged pictures which can't be replaceable. I have been using Photoshop Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS5 for +3 years. It requires a lot of practice  until I master my photo editing.

I have a lot of old photographs in my  home  but I am still working on it. I would add more photos to the photo album on my site when I have time.

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