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I learn our child Samuel Robertson stands too close to my height. He loves basketball. Sammy wants to play basketball. Sammy wants to join the basketball league. We decide to register our child for the basketball program. Deafness don't affect him when Sammy joins with his new basketball team. Sammy  can play for the fun as His team will play eight season game. 

I am a professional photographer. I am an artist so I have that passion. I like to take candid shots. I like to capture the essence of moment. I share things I love, things I feel overjoyful and passionable for children when they play basketball on the court. 

Basketball Photo Galleries

  Silver Spring Droids 8th


5th/6th grade Boys and Girls

Winter Basketball League 2014

7th Boys Winter

Basketball League 2015

8th grade Boys Winter

Basketball League 2016

Silver Spring Hoyas finished the season

7-1 record.

8 season the Hoyas successfully went


Update for Coming soon

10 photo gallery 

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