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Delores Robertson Photography

A young photographer Delores Robertson became fascinated with  snapping family portraits in 1950's-60's. She currently manages her collection of old photographs from her deceased relatives.  


Delores Eugene Robertson (mother) and his little brother Larry Eugene posed for a sibling picture. 

In recognition of photographer Delores Robertson's dedication, Delores( my mother)  is passionable capturing families's moments. Delores used 35 mm film camera to shoot in Black &  White and color images during she was a teenager in 1950s'.   Her picture stories make friends and families smile, reflect, laugh and bring back great memories.  

I have taken some images from my mothers' archives. She has a lot of old and damaged photos. With Photoshop CS 5 and Lightroom 5, I have the ability to  restore old photographs  and transform into images that look like refreshing.  

I help display some of Delores' best works in photography portfolio on my site. I plan to create family histories photo book in the near future. The purpose of family photo book is to get the family laughing together and encourage them to remember their ancestors.  To see more,  click here All images are   accessible by family members only with the password.  

This site and all contents are copyrighted 1920-1993 Delores Robertson Photography and restored Andrew Robertson Photography.

For family members only, email me if you need the password to access photo gallery. I will email you copies of high quality digital photos if you want copies of the pictures you like. It benefits you to print high quality photo enlargements.  Contact me at or text me 240-383-6638.

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